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Student Information Management System

Our Student Information Management System manages all processes from application, admission, registration, continuous assessment to graduation forms colleges, universities and individual schools. It also further manages support services such as Finance, HR and Asset Management.


EduManager is a system wide management system for the government education system.   It manages education from the classroom all the way to the ministry including all intermediary stages such as circuits and directorates.  The ministry can get reports at a school level, circuit level and at the directorate level including on resource utilization.

QuiverSoft Email Archiver

Our Email Archiving Product enables organizations to back-up all the emails coming and leaving their organizations for a period of time. This protects the organization in the case for example of legal disputes. The customer has a choice for a cloud based solution or an on premise solution


Our Intranet in a Box product gives organizations a fully built yet fully customizable intranet which is deployable in a matter of hours. Access to documents on the intranet can be open or restricted. The Intranet can be connected to the organization’s Authentication Service such as Active Directory.

OrgManager Membership Management System

OrgManager is a membership management system for Trade Unions, Political parties, social securities, football clubs, insurance brokers.  OrgManager has the following specialized flavors
  • OrgManager Municipal Services Billing
  • OrgManager Clinic Management
  • OrgManager Resource Harvesting Permits
  • OrgManager Accounting and Payroll
  • OrgManager Youth Skills and Employment Database
  • OrgManager Project Management

Server and PC Backups

This product helps organizations to backup servers and computers regardless of the Operating system. The customer has a choice for a cloud based solution or an on premise solution

Call Accounting

Our Call Management System helps organizations to monitor the usage of their telephone lines. It can allocate telephone costs to departments and individual employees and can therefore identify wastage.

LAN/WLAN/WAN Design and Implementation

We design and implement networks, from structured cabling to routing and switching.

Resource Harvesting Permits Software

Electronic Document Management Software Accounting/Payroll System
Municipal Services Management Software

Project Management software for government projects

Youth Skills and Employment Database

Call Accounting Software Structured Cabling Accounting/Payroll System

Domain Registration and Hosting

Website Hosting

Network Auditing

Network Performance Monitoring

Avril Reconciliation